Are you having speed issues with your service?

If you believe that you are experiencing a slow Internet connection follow the directions below:

In most cases speed issues are related to one of this following items:

  • If you are using a personal wireless router, make sure the connection is secured with a password and encryption so other people cannot use your connection.
  • Disable any file sharing software.
  • Scan for and remove any spyware/malware/viruses.
  • Empty the cache in your browser.
  • Disable any toolbar add-ons in your browser.
  • Close any bandwidth-intensive websites.
  • Close additional programs you are not currently using to conserve memory.
  • Test your speed by visiting: and selecting the Getwireless State College PA test server.
  • We highly recommend that you connect to the 5Ghz SSID on your wireless router, 2.4 GHz is a very congested wireless frequency.

The proper way to test your speed is by disconnecting your router and plugging our connection directly into a single computer with an Ethernet and turn off wireless on your computer. This eliminates your router, wireless and any other issues from the test.

If after connecting a single computer via Ethernet to your Modem and you are getting less than 80% of your speed plan, please contact us so that we can investigate.  




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