What Routers do you support?

Any high-quality router or wireless router will work on our network from a technical standpoint.  We support all standard networking protocols.

You cannot use a Cable Modem WiFi router combo or a DSL WiFi router combo. You need a router with an Ethernet uplink (Internet) port.

The biggest issues that people have with their Internet are problems with WiFi.


Wireless in apartment complexes is a difficult and challenging wireless environment due to so many wireless devices operating in an unlicensed frequency creating wireless interference.  But we know and are sure you do as well how valuable, dependable Internet service is for your life and your school work. You are spending a lot of money for your education, and you want to make sure that your router and your wireless are not your bottleneck. That is why we recommend that you get one of the best routers available (see information on Routers below)

While we don't recommend a particular router, we do recommend getting an 802.11ac dual-band router as a minimum. Here are some reviews and links to a few highly rated routers:

Router Reviews

A few highly rated routers to use with modern Internet service plans:

Obviously plugging in wired to your router or your Ethernet port will provide the best connectivity, but we are aware that this is not always an option.  

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